Dennis Prussman Land Auction Services

Dennis’ resume includes record setting land auctions, large row crop tracts, hunting properties, pasture farms, and commercial tracts. Our team specializes in land marketing technology to reach a large audience of buyers and maximize your property’s earning potential.

United Country Auction Services (UCAS) is the largest and only organization of auctioneers and real estate professionals in the nation with more than 5,000 professionals and approximately 500 offices across the United States. With a heritage dating back to 1925, United Country Auction Services is the partner of choice for marketing land, commercial and residential properties, luxury property and asset sales across the country. With performance excellence recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 1% performers, our marketing program is second to none.

Benefits to Selling Your Farm and Land at Auction

  • Condensed Timeline & Intense Targeted Marketing: We identify the potential prospects, create an atmosphere with a now or never psychology that causes bidders to take action. This approach maximizes the property’s potential.
  • Timing: By having a predetermined sale date and closing date the auction can be structured to fit your timeline.
  • 30-day Confident Closings: Selling your property with a significant earnest money binder, “as-is” and with a no contingency contract helps to ensures your closing is a success.

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