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2/13/2018 – Hello, you recently posted an 80 acre piece that was sold hour north east of ks City. Definitely would have been one I’d have been interested in if it was closer to Lincoln Nebraska. I’m really trying to be closer to that 2hr drive time. I’m strictly a Whitetail archery trophy Hunter. So plenty of Timber is a must and good deer genetics help. 80 to 200 acres would probably be in my search range for size. This is a start as to what I’m looking for. I’m not in a rush but would love to find something one day that I could fix up or put a new cabin on. Thanks. Justin

2/7/2018 – I’m pretty open. Ideally to buy a few acres bordering federal/public land. Or buy a couple hundred acres but that would require a few others to go in on it with me. If I’m able to stay within 1.5 hours of Hillsboro MO that would be great too.

2/3/2018 – I am looking for land investment opportunity up to $200,000 cash. Ideally the property would provide a return on my investment and be located in county of Buchanan, Clinton, or Platte. Not interested in hunting or farming it myself. Strictly an investment. Thank you! Carl

1/30/2018 -Hey Dennis, I’m looking for a recreational tract for hunting purposes of whitetail and turkey. Ideally, minimum of 50 acres upwards to 300 acres. I have 2 young boys and having a cabin on site or at least a build site with water, electrical access for building a small cabin in the future. I live in the KC area and would like to be fairly close, within 1.5 hours drive give or take. Any leads on properties that fit this would be great! P.H.

1/28/2018 -Looking for investment property. CRP with a contract in place is ideal. Hunting would be nice but not too important. I would look at 500K and below and would want North of 4% return. Jeff

1/24/2018 – Looking for hunting property within 1.5 hours of northwest Kansas City. Anywhere from 80 to 200 acres. Prefer more wooded than row crop, but some area for crop/ food plot. Ryan.

1/22/2018 – Cash buyer for 80 to 100 acres row crop in Buchanan or Clinton County. Tom E.

1/22/2018 – Would like 40 acres, Gentry or DeKalb County, pond, small house.

1/20/2018 – I was hoping to find something similar to the listing that you have in Richmond, Mo (80 acres hunting). Doesn’t have to be that large but similar would be wonderful. Please stay in touch. Thanks! Donna

1/15/2018 – 40 – 80 Acres anywhere NWMO. Row crop or CRP with hunting. Buyer doing 1031 exchange. Brian D.

1/13/2018 – 80 to 100 acres around KC area for hunting. All timber is OK. Robert M.

1/6/2018 – Owner/Operator needs 300-500 row crop in area of Hatfield/Eagleville MO to add to operation. Mike

1/5/2018 – Dennis, we’re looking for 40-250 acre tracts in Worth/Gentry/Harrison or Atchison counties. Prefer mix of tillable or crp and timber. Paul K.

1/1/2018 – Looking for 30 acres at a reasonable price. Prefer Gower, MO area.

1/1/2018 – Looking for NWMO tracts that need cleanup to gain tillable acres. J.C.

1/1/2018 – 40 to 80 acre hunting tract, prefer with some income, within 2-hours KC.

12/30/2017 – Looking for 80+ acres of pasture to purchase in Ray County MO.

12/28/2017 – Cash buyer seeking 160 to 240 acre row crop in DeKalb or Gentry County MO.

11/29/2017 – Cash buyer is seeking large tracts of row crop bottom in Ray County MO.